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Internet maniac


With the craze of internet going in full swing, this picture definitely looks hilarious

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After Disqualification of Nawaz Sharif Go Nawaz Go Slogan Has Been Changed To Gone Nawaz Gone By Jemima Khan

Gone Nawaz Gone

Jemima Khan tweeted Gone Nawaz Gone after disqualification ruling of Nawaz Sharif by Supreme court of Pakistan. Go Nawaz Go was very famous raised by PTI and now ended on Gone Nawaz Gone.

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Bull on Bakra Eid in Pakistan Vs Bull in Bullfighting in Spain

Bakra Eid

Two events of the world. One in Spain and the other in Muslim world. Bullfighting and Eid ul Azha (Bakra Eid).

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Imran Khan And Najam Sethi Tweets

Imran Khan Najam Sethi

Today Imran Khan blames Najam Sethi for the bad performance of Pakistan cricket team and asked him to resign from PCB as he know nothing about cricket. Situations turns funny when Najam Sethi tweeted while tagging Imran Khan that he will resign from PCB if in response he resigns from …

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Go Nawaz Go Funniest Picture


Have you ever seen such funny picture. Must share and comment. The funniest picture of “GO NAWAZ GO”.

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Chaudhry Nisar asked people to tell police if someone buy 5o bread

Chawal - Rice

Interior minister Chaudhry Nisar asked people tell the police if someone buy 50 bread, he want to control terrorism in this way. But the people have asked very interesting question from Chaudhry Nisar through social media. Look at this.

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Go Nawaz Go Funny SMS

Go Nawaz Go funny msg

Go Nawaz Go, Go Shahbaz Go Ager ap yeh msg 20 logon ko send kriengay To Raat ko Mariam Nawaz aap kay khwab mai ayigii Aur apko laptop daygi Aik dost ne isay jhot samjha aur is message ko agay share nahi kia To Uskay khwab mai Gullu Butt aagaya …

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Go Ganjay Go – Go Nawaz Go funny pic

Go Ganjay Go

Go Ganjay Go, Go Nawaz Go funny pic

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Go Nawaz Go in Muna Bhai Style

Go Nawaz Go in Muna bhai style

Go Nawaz Go by Muna Bhai and Circuit funny picture

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Go Nawaz Go in Urdu Noore tere din pore

Nooray teray din poray

Go Nawaz Go in Urdu Noore tere din pore 😀

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