Rao Manzar Hayat | 25 Dolar Ki Kaneez (Slave for $25 only!) | Ghulam Gardish

Rao Manzar Hayat | 25 Dolar Ki Kaneez (Slave for $25 only!)  | Ghulam Gardish
Rao Manzar Hayat | 25 Dolar Ki Kaneez (Slave for $25 only!) | Ghulam Gardish

This column was published in Daily Express.

Rao Manzer Hayat is famous columnist who writes in Daily Express. His column “25 Dollar Ki Kaneez” (A slave for $25 only) have shocked me. In this column he wrote a story of 3 “Yazeedi” girls of Iraq. Their ages are 17,21 and 22 years and all the three ran away from the brutal warriors after many moths or years. They are half mad and they told their stories with grief and was crying. No Islamic country was ready to support them but German government gave them German nationality.

ISIS when attack any area they first capture all the male including 14 years old boys. They first gave them task to dig a combine grave for themselves. And when the grave is ready they brutally kill all the males. They then capture all the girls and ladies of that area. The are sold in market to the warriors. The most the girl is young the more she have price. They are categorized according to their physic, face, beauty and age. The most young, beautiful and of attractive physic girl have more price. 40 years plus women is available for just $25 ie. 2500 Pakistani Rupees. A girl who is less than 9 has the most price that is $110. ISIS is doing this shameful act with proud and joy.

 No women and girl can deny their masters orders and they must be obedient to their every command. They must fulfill their every wish and lust. If any of the slave tries to escape from their masters and get captured she is then slaughtered in front of other slaves so that they never try to escape. Many slaves (women and girls) did suicide using the scarfs they used to cover their heads and after this slaves are not allowed to wear scarfs to cover their heads.

ISIS is not Islamic state nor Islamic organization. Their acts are completely opposed to the teachings of Islam. Islam is a peaceful religion and teaches peace and harmony. Islam does not allow any person to kill others in such a way. Islam does not allow anyone to humiliate dead bodies. Islam does not allow any person to capture women and rape them. ISIS deeds are  completely un-islamic.

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