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Pakistan is facing sever shortfall of electricity. The country need atleast 20,000 mega watt but its peak capacity of generation is 15,000 mega watt. Federal ministers of water and power Khwaja Asif and Abid Sher Ali are telling the media again and again that they are about to solve the problem and load shedding is very minimal but people are facing 12-18 hours of load shedding and specially the situation is very bad in Karachi and far areas of the country.

Chief minister Punjab used to sit-in in front of Menar e Pakistan against that time federal government of Pakistan Peoples Party and blamed them for not providing electricity deliberately. But now when his own party is ruling in the center and people are dying of load shedding Shahbaz Sharif is completely silent and haven’t asked his party why not to provide electricity. Even he claimed before elections that they will end the load shedding within 6 months and more than 26 months have been passed and the situation get worst instead of improving. Read the column of Wusatullah Khan about the electricity shortfall and how government is solving it without taking any practical step. Source of the column is BBC Urdu.

Wusatullah Khan Column | Thapar Ho To Bijli Bohot Baat Say Baat
Wusatullah Khan Column | Thapar Ho To Bijli Bohot Baat Say Baat
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