Nawaz Sharif Corruption BBC Documentary – Must Watch

The government of Mian Nawaz Sharif has took strict action against Axact company based on the article published in New York Times. Not only with out any FIR the interior minister has orderd FIA to seal the company but also stopped BOL TV to be on air on 1st of Ramzan. BOL TV is also owned by Axact’s owner Mr. Shoaib Sheikh. Today Shoaib Sheikh and many others of Axact are in jail and facing different charges.  Some senior journalist revealed that it is the deal of Nawaz Sharif and Geo TV that he will not let BOL to start its transmission and in response Geo has to talk against Imran Khan in each and every program. Express News, Dunya News, Ary News and Geo News are all on the same page against BOL and pressurizing the government not to let BOL on air.

Many people have raise this question that if government has took so strict action against software export company Axact based on an article published by NY Times and have no evidence than why not to take action against the prime minister whose corruption is crystal clear for everyone and BBC and many international media channels have programs on their corruption.

Must watch the video and decide why FIA and Nawaz govt is so quick and strict against Axact.


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