Words Opposite and China

In schools many subjects are taught depending the the schooling system, but English is taught in every school irrespective of their system. In English words and their opposites are taught almost in each grade. They are the part of each exam and tests. Below is an interesting picture which will make you laugh. If we see in Pakistan we can observe that we are using mostly imported thing and great percentage of imports are made from our friend country and i.e. CHINA. China has a country specific production strategy. They produce products for different countries according to their financial conditions. If the financial condition of a count is good then China produce good quality products for them but the cost is high and for bad economies the produce low quality products but their costs are low too. So China is producing very low cost products for Pakistan too. Chinese products are more easily available in Pakistan then it’s own products. But Chinese products are symbol of bad quality and unoriginal too. Even when people buy something they ask the shopkeeper is the product original or Chinese, which means China is the opposite of originality.

Opposite of Original is China
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