Pakistanis Claimed to Exposed Samsung Mobile Fraud But They Are Wrong.

Today in this era of technology every company is trying to provide the most advance technology to their customers. Samsung which is the rival of Apple in Smart phones industry have given installed NFC (Near Field Communication) chip in battery through which you can enjoy much more facilities. You can feed your debit/credit card information into it and then you will not need to carry your card with you but you can use your mobile as a debit/credit card. But some illiterate Pakistanis claimed that they have find a chip in Samsung mobile batteries which is spreading your secret information over the Internet. They claimed that this chip is responsible that we can see so many personal videos over the internet.

So here I am giving them answer that Samsung does not need to fix any chip in battery when they need information from your phone. They have manufactured your phone and if they need to have your videos and information they should follow some way through which they can get information directly from your phone not your battery as the battery can be removed and changed without any difficulty. Second is that when you install applications from Google Play Store most of the applications needs permissions on your phone ranging from simple permissions to each and every thing of your phone. Lets take an example of Facebook Messenger; when you try to install this, it asks for each and every information of your phone like your photos, videos, call log, contact list, messages etc. You give all the access of your phone to this application and now Facebook can steal all your information for which Facebook got blamed many times.

So their is no need to worry about the chip it is just for your facility if you are familiar  with that and you can take benefit of it. It is NFC and your can google about this. If you are really worried about your information, your pictures and videos then the best way is to avoid samrt phone but your will not so the second best way is that do not install such applications which asks for access to each and everything of your mobile.

Watch the video of two Pakistanis who claim that they have find chip in the Samsung mobile batteries which is the reason of spreading your personal information over the Internet.


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