Panama Judgement Point of Honrable Justice Asif Saeed Khan Khosa


136.        On the basis of the declarations made above the following directions are hereby issued by me:        

(i)        The Election Commission of Pakistan is directed to issue a notification of disqualification of respondent No. 1 namely Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif from being a member of the Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament) with effect from the date of announcement of the present judgment.

(ii)        The President of Pakistan is required to take necessary steps under the Constitution to ensure continuation of the democratic process through parliamentary system of government in the country.

(iii)        The National Accountability Bureau is directed to proceed against respondent No. 1 and any other person connected with him in respect of the offence of corruption and corrupt practices under section 9(a)(v) of the National Accountability Ordinance, 1999 and during such proceedings  the evidence and material collected by the Federal Investigation Agency in connection with FIRs No. 12 and 13 dated November 10, 1994 and November 12, 1994 respectively and by the National Accountability Bureau in connection with its Reference No. 5 of 2000 besides the report prepared by Mr. A. Rehman Malik of the Federal Investigation Agency in September 1998 and the evidence and material appended therewith or referred to therein may also be utilized by the National Accountability Bureau if any such evidence or material is relevant to or has nexus with possession or acquisition of the relevant properties in London.  

(iv)        The National Accountability Bureau is also directed to probe into the other assets acquired and businesses set up by respondent No. 1’s children in Pakistan and abroad to find out whether respondent No. 1’s children have acted as Benamidarsof respondent No. 1 in those assets and businesses or not and if so whether respondent No. 1 can satisfactorily account for those assets and businesses or not if he is discovered to be their actual owner.

(v)        As neutrality and impartiality of the incumbent Chairman, National Accountability Bureau Mr. Qamar Zaman Chaudhry has been found by me to be compromised in the matters of respondent No. 1, therefore, he is directed not to exercise any power, authority or function in respect of the matters directed above. The Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan is requested to constitute an Implementation Bench of this Court in the above mentioned regard and in the interest of doing complete justice it is ordered that all the powers, authority and functions of the Chairman, National Accountability Bureau in the above mentioned matters of respondents No. 1 shall henceforth be exercised by the said Implementation Bench and the relevant officials of the National Accountability Bureau shall seek all the necessary orders in those matters from the Implementation Bench till Mr. Qamar Zaman Chaudhry completes his current non-extendable term of office. The Implementation Bench shall also monitor the progress made by the National Accountability Bureau in the matters referred to above and it shall also supervise the investigation being conducted by it in the matters as and when found necessary and called for besides issuing any order deemed expedient in the interest of justice.

(vi)        The National Accountability Bureau is directed to proceed against respondent No. 10 namely Mr. Muhammad Ishaq Dar in connection with its Reference No. 5 of 2000 wherein the said respondent was not an accused person when the said Reference was quashed by the Lahore High Court, Lahore and reinvestigation against the accused persons therein was barred because after quashing of that Reference against the accused persons therein and after setting aside of the confessional statement of respondent No. 10 his status in that Reference stood revived as an accused person against whom no Reference had been quashed and reinvestigation qua him was never ordered to be barred.



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